Coastella Music Festival

In collaboration with Wellington manual artist Sam Broad, I was asked to produce the imagery for the 2018 Coastella Music Festival.  By transforming black pencil drawings into vibrant digital elements, I had an amazing set of assets to create posters, billboards, social media content and other promotional collateral with a unique style. 

As a growing festival in just its third year of operation, I was also involved in developing the brand identity and strategy going forward. By identifying the existing personas that attend Coastella, I strategised how the owner's aspirations of a younger audience could integrate into the existing crowd.

Coastella is a music festival that attracts both Kiwi and worldly acts alike to the vibrant and serene seaside region, the Kapiti Coast. The music experience is packaged in a day-long event championing the Coast’s craft industries and community spirit, while allowing local up-and-comers to rub shoulders with artists from abroad.